Diploma Certificate in Herbal and Natural Dietetics


This program is designed to prepare individuals to become proficient health and wellness coaches who can work with clients to improve their overall well-being, make positive lifestyle changes, and achieve their health goals. The course combines theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience to equip participants with the tools and techniques needed to guide and support clients on their journey to better health and wellness.


Internationally Accredited Certificate in Herbal and Natural Dietetics

Embark on a journey to holistic wellness with our Diploma in Herbal Nutrition and Natural Diet. This comprehensive program blends the ancient wisdom of herbal medicine with modern nutritional science to empower individuals to optimize health naturally. Explore the therapeutic properties of herbs, delve into the science of nutrition, and understand the synergy between natural remedies and dietary choices. Gain practical skills in herbal consultations, personalized diet planning, and holistic wellness practices. This diploma is designed for those passionate about natural health, offering a unique blend of herbalism and nutrition for a well-rounded and impactful education.


    • Online Recorded video classes
    • 24 X7 course access
    • Mobile App available
    • Free Diet Menu software
    • 3-6 months duration
    • Lifetime access
    • Learning in Malayalam and English
    • Live classes available upon request

Eligibility: +2 / Pre-Degree / Equivalent Certificates

Key Learning Objectives:

    • Introduction to Herbal Medicine:
      • Understanding the history and principles of herbal medicine.
      • Identification and properties of common herbs used in nutrition and therapy.
    • Nutrition Science:
      • Study of basic and advanced concepts in nutrition.
      • Exploration of nutrients, their functions, and dietary requirements.
    • Herbs and Their Applications:
      • In-depth knowledge of various herbs, their medicinal properties, and applications.
      • Formulation and preparation of herbal remedies.
    • Natural Therapies:
      • Introduction to various natural therapeutic approaches, such as aromatherapy, massage, and hydrotherapy.
      • Practical training in applying these therapies.
    • Holistic Health Practices:
      • Understanding holistic health principles that consider the mind, body, and spirit.
      • Integration of herbal nutrition with holistic wellness.
    • Anatomy and Physiology:
      • Basic understanding of human anatomy and physiology relevant to herbal nutrition and therapy.
    • Clinical Skills and Assessment:
      • Developing practical skills for assessing individuals’ health and providing herbal and nutritional recommendations.
      • Case studies and practical application.
    • Ethics and Professionalism:
      • Exploring ethical considerations in the practice of herbal nutrition and natural therapy.
      • Professional conduct and communication with clients.
      • Introduction to Nutrition:
        • Basic principles of nutrition, including macronutrients, micronutrients, and their functions in the body.
      • Whole Foods and Plant-Based Nutrition:
        • Exploration of the benefits of a diet centred around whole, unprocessed foods and plant-based nutrition.
      • Nutritional Biochemistry:
        • In-depth study of the biochemical processes involved in digestion, absorption, and utilization of nutrients.
      • Nutritional Counseling:
        • Skills and techniques for providing effective nutritional advice and counselling to individuals.
      • Holistic Nutrition:
        • Understanding nutrition in the context of overall health, considering physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
      • Nutritional Assessment:
        • Techniques for assessing an individual’s nutritional needs and developing personalized dietary plans.
      • Specialized Diets:
        • Exploration of various specialized diets, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and others, and their health implications.
      • Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals:
        • Study of foods that provide health benefits beyond basic nutrition and the role of nutraceuticals.
      • Clinical Nutrition:
        • Application of nutritional principles in managing and preventing health conditions.
      • Ethics and Professionalism in Nutrition:
        • Understanding ethical considerations in nutritional counselling and maintaining professionalism in client interactions.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of the program are prepared for careers as health and wellness coaches, consultants, program coordinators, or educators in various settings, including healthcare institutions, corporate wellness programs, fitness centres, and private practice.


Kerala Low Carb Academy is globally accredited by the American Board of education and recognized by the state of California, USA. All our certification courses are authorized by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), in England and Ireland. All our courses are incorporated under the Ministry of corporate affairs, Government of India.

  •  Doctors
  •  Nutritionists
  •  Dietitians
  •  Nurses
  •  Fitness Professionals
  •  Yoga Therapists
  •  Physiotherapists
  •  Para Medicals
  •  Science Graduates
Online Examination :

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be required to take an online exam lasting one hour, consisting of multiple-choice questions. Those who pass this exam will be awarded an internationally accredited Diploma certificate at the Expert level. This certification equips graduates to work as nutrition wellness coaches in various settings, including wellness centres, fitness facilities, private practice.


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