Internationally Certified Low Carb Nutritionist


The Internationally Certified Low Carb Nutritionist course is a specialized program for individuals seeking expertise in the field of low carbohydrate nutrition. It covers the science behind low carb diets, their effects on health, and practical application. Graduates are equipped to provide tailored dietary guidance to individuals looking to manage weight, improve metabolic health, and enhance overall well-being. This certification prepares students for careers as low carb nutrition consultants and dietary advisors, helping clients adopt low carb dietary approaches for improved health outcomes



Low Carb Nutrition Therapists play a crucial role in assisting individuals in achieving better health by addressing issues such as obesity, belly fat, fatty liver, diabetes, thyroid disorders, PCOS, and cholesterol management, all without causing any adverse side effects. If you aspire to become a certified “Low Carb Nutrition Therapist,” this course is designed for you, regardless of your age or prior qualifications.

Course Details:

  • Language: Malayalam
  • Number of Lectures: 36
  • Course Format: Recorded Video Lectures
  • Study at Your Own Pace: Flexible scheduling to accommodate your convenience


Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be required to take an online exam lasting one hour, consisting of multiple-choice questions. Those who pass this exam will be awarded an internationally accredited Diploma certificate at the Expert level.

Course Duration:

  • Duration: 1 months
  • Course Fee: 6,000/- INR


This course is accredited by the International Association of Therapists (IAOTH), England, ensuring that it meets rigorous international standards for nutrition therapy education.


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