About Kerala Low Carb Academy:

Kerala Low Carb Academy is a globally accredited Educational Institute, specializing in comprehensive Nutrition, Dietetics and Wellness Education. Our Academy is Accredited by the American Board of Education Recognized by the State of California, USA. Our Academy is Internationally authorised by International Association Of Therapist, IAOTH- England and Ireland. Our academy is a registered with the Government of India since 2018

About Dr Binshin

Director & International Trainer of
Kerala Low Carb Academy

Dr. Binshin is a distinguished International Trainer, Clinical Scientist with a Doctorate degree in Nutrition specialized in Low Carb Nutrition from SW American University(USA) and a strong academic foundation in Nutritional Biochemistry, he has devoted his life to the science of well-being. As a Registered Medical Biochemist (Reg: 376/07) and a faculty member at a prestigious Faculty of Medicine,  With a Post Graduation in Medical Biochemistry and Graduation in Nutritional Biochemistry from Calicut University, he has a strong academic foundation.  Dr. Binshin has further honed his knowledge through over 15 internationally accredited courses in Nutrition and Dietetics. As the founder of Kerala Low Carb Academy, he has earned international trademark recognition for online Weight Loss Advisory Services. Dr. Binshin boasts an impressive online presence with 273k Facebook followers, 100K Instagram followers and 64k YouTube subscribers. He has also contributed significantly to the field, with over 20 published articles and a remarkable 10,000 weight loss success stories to his name. His passion lies in Health & Nutrition Life Coaching, where he empowers individuals to lead healthier lives.


“Our vision at the Academy of Nutrition is to be a global leader in advancing the understanding of how foods and their bioactive components impact human health and disease prevention. We are committed to serving international, national, regional, and local communities by conducting cutting-edge research in nutrition and translating this knowledge into practical solutions that enhance human health and overall well-being. Through our dedication to excellence in education, research, and application of nutrition science, we aim to empower individuals and communities to make informed choices that promote lifelong health and vitality.”


“Our mission is to promote excellence in the field of nutrition by conducting innovative research, providing top-tier education and training, and delivering evidence-based solutions that improve human health. We strive to foster a collaborative environment that encourages interdisciplinary approaches to address nutrition-related challenges on a global scale. By equipping individuals and communities with the knowledge and tools they need, we aim to contribute to a healthier world where nutrition plays a central role in enhancing the quality of life for all.”


IAOTH Accreditation certificate for Kerala low carb academy


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